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                    "I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures we might be if we weren't certain we knew better."

  - George Bird Evans


This website is dedicated to dog lovers everywhere

It is my belief that Life is about the Journey not just the Destination

Dogs continue to bring so much to my Life -

given and taught me Love, Friendship, Patience & Understanding

My first pup - little Prinz, spoiled rotten: 

he taught me that if we treat dogs like people, they will treat us like dogs!

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Dundee Dog Training website updated 5th January 2015


Dundee Dog Trainer

I have spent many years studying the field of animal behaviour and am all too frequently asked for help after owners have already been to other trainers or copied a TV celebrity.

PLEASE don't use 'dominance' to quell your dogs issues - his behaviour started in his environment, the change starts with YOU

If someone tells you to 'tap' your dog on the nose / bite his ear / use a rolled up newspaper / shake a rattle bottle at him, feel free to do the same to that person for suggesting it. The chances are his behaviour is a bi-product of your leadership.

BE PACK LEADER - Science tells us that we should avoid the term 'pack' as we are not dealing with wild animals. In fact did you know the term 'alpha' died out in 1999 with the release of a study suggesting that we cannot compare a wild pack (which are a family unit) to a group of dogs who have no say in with whom they are forced to live with. 

Training and Behaviour are two very different things, make sure your trainer uses BAT (Behavioural Adjustment Therapy) to successfully help you and you dog conquer the challenges ahead.

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